30. June 2022

Winkelbauer celebrates

Winkelbauer has been launching attractive brands on the Austrian market since more than 90 years. International and national brands, the Austrian Market and the consumers see Winkelbauer as their best partner living their values of quality, trend development and partnership in order to take them into mutual sucess.

1929 the company was founded as the adress for fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world. In the course of time the focus has been developed from sweets and confectionary over international specialities to fine food, snacks, the fresh and frozen category up to body care and cleaning. Today Hannes and Thomas Winkelbauer together with their 36 headed team looking after administration, purchase, marketing, customer service and sales are distributing around 50 brands covering 12 categories to retail, online, C&C stores all over Austria.

The Winkelbauer portfolio includes among others BENCO, BLUE ELEPHANT, DELI DIP, EVEREST, FINN CRISP, PERLWEISS, SEEBERGER, VANINI and WILD BILL. True, those brands are quite unique but still share a strong background and the potential to keep going despite the challenges today. „At the end we need to combine our flexibility and openness with our historical competence and experience in order to cope with the current needs. Our target is the advantages for each of our partners. The more we are proud and happy to introduce our brand newcomers REMIA, ZIEGLER, LA MERE POULARD, BENLIAN and PEDON within the next weeks.“

At the end it is the quality that counts on the market — equal if it is of the ingredients, the recipes, the brand or trading strategies! Winkelbauer is IFS certified since January 2019. Today there are worldwide alarming incidents that influence our everyday life. A lot has changed, a lot still is moving. Winkelbauer is steadily adopting to the needs to be able to serve their partners to mutual success in the future. The WinkelbauerTeam is the Austrian link between brands, trade and consumers and shows their partnership attitude as one of the most important ingredients for our success.

„Our duties are as manifold as the nature of our partners. The successful implementation of the strategies to reach the targets of consumers, suppliers and the trade is challenging — keeping our position exciting and interesting.“

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