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"We are the Ambassadors of exclusive brands."

“The tasks of a distributor are as varied as the structures of the brands and their products. We are the “ambassadors” of the brands. The successful implementation of the goals defined with suppliers and customers remains a challenge – which is why our position will never be boring but always challenging. And exactly this attitude is the strength of the family business.”

Thomas Winkelbauer

CEO - Purchase, Staff, Finances

Our expertise import and market launch

premium quality

Our aim is to represent the best brands in Austria. This refers on the one hand to the products that are made from the best ingredients and recipes. But on the other hand it means having brands in house that tell strong stories about their origins or are strong and clear in their brand strategy.

future-oriented development

Of course we want to keep the existing business reasonable and strengthen the tradition of the brands and our company. However, new and necessary developments must be pursued, they must be incorporated into our own strategies and developed and expanded together (always including the brands).

successful partnerships

At Winkelbauer, partnership is one of the most important factors for success. Both with the brand owners and with the national key accounts, the joint success is very honestly promoted. What do people appreciate about us? That we do not place ourselves above the brands. We strive to connect the challenges, opportunities and conditions of the market before the brands and vice versa and to translate them successfully, which in most cases we do.

Discover brands from all over the world

The brands include international market leaders such as HEINZ, BENCO, SEEBERGER and FINN CRISP as well as quality leaders such as BLUE ELEPHANT, KETTLE CHIPS and DELI DIP or trendsetters such as KITCHEN JOY or PROPERCORN! As different as these brand definitions are, they all have the following in common: a strong background and the opportunity to pamper your palate.


Your partner for strong international brands

Import & Market Introduction

For 90 years, the Winkelbauer company has been working as a competent and reliable partner of international brands and the Austrian food trade to make the offer on the domestic supermarket shelves attractive and interesting. A family business in the third generation, to which Mr. and Mrs. Austrian quality brands such as SEEBERGER, KETTLE CHIPS, HEINZ or FINN CRISP and innovations such as DELI DIP or the WEIGHT WATCHERS range are owed. We cover the following categories:

  • International Specialities
  • Sauces, spreads & Co
  • Bread & Baked Goods
  • delicatessen articles
  • Beverages
  • Chilled goods
  • Snacks
  • Confectionery
  • Pasta

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On our blog you can expect exciting topics about enjoyment, culinary delights, recipes and news from the Winkelbauer company. Have fun browsing, reading and sharing.

8. February 2021

Winkelbauer Around the Globe with Seeberger

Our first culinary journey starts in Germany, more precisely in Ulm, with our long-term partner Seeberger.   It all began in 1844 when the Ulm merchant Christoph Seeberger founded his grocery store and brought exotic flavours from overseas across the sea, on the Danube, overland to the Ulmer Pfluggasse and laid the foundation for a […]

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19. December 2019

Winkelbauer feiert 90-jähriges Jubiläum

Familienunternehmen seit 3 Generationen Winkelbauer Delikatessen, einer der größter Lebensmittelimporteure Österreichs, hat Grund zum Feiern: das Familienunternehmen in der dritten Generation blickt auf 90 Unternehmensjahre zurück und darf Marken wie Seeberger, Heinz, Kettle Chips, Tipiak, Finn Crisp oder Blue Elephant erfolgreich in Österreich vertreiben. Geführt von Hannes und Thomas Winkelbauer ist das Unternehmen noch heute […]

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Strong brands need a strong team

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