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Our expertise in import and brand management

For 90 years, the Winkelbauer company has been working as a competent and reliable partner of international brands and the Austrian food trade to make the offer on the domestic supermarket shelves attractive and interesting. A family business in the third generation, to which Mr. and Mrs. Austrian quality brands such as Seeberger, Kettle Chips or Finn Crisp and innovations such as Deli Dip range are indebted.



The company was founded in 1929 by Josef Winkelbauer sen. as a retail shop for fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world. In the course of time, the focus has broadened to include confectionery and international specialities, delicatessen products and snacks. In the last three years, the food service sector has also been expanded, but above all the fresh produce sector. Everything Winkelbauer does is always written in capital letters: quality, development, partnership.

Our main three values

“The tasks of a distributor are as varied as the structures of the brands and their products. We are the “ambassadors” of the brands. The successful implementation of the goals defined with suppliers and customers remains a challenge – which is why our position will never be boring but always challenging. And exactly this attitude is the strength of the family business.


Our aim is to represent the best brands in Austria. On the one hand, this clearly refers to the products themselves, which are made from the best ingredients and recipes (e.g. Deli Dip, Kettle Chips, Seeberger, Finn Crisp, etc…) But it also means having brands in the house that can tell strong stories about their origins (Bauli, Blue Elephant, Bellei,…) or that are strong and clear in their brand strategy (S&B,…). For example: Blue Elephant Curry – pastes are 100% herbs and spices, produced in a factory in Thailand for the best Thai cuisine in restaurants but also for private households.


We want to keep the existing business reasonable and strengthen the tradition of the brands and our company. However, new and necessary developments must be pursued, they must be incorporated into our own strategies and developed and expanded together (always including the brands).

For example, a food service – growth in double figures would not have been possible without the support and strength of Blue Elephant or VANINI. We are proud to have a foodservice specialist in our team, who is creating a huge expansion step by step.


At Winkelbauer, partnership is one of the most important factors for success. Both with the brand owners and with the national key accounts, the joint success is very honestly promoted. What do people appreciate about us? That we do not place ourselves above the brands. We strive to connect the challenges, opportunities and conditions of the market before the brands and vice versa and to translate them successfully, which in most cases we do.


Today the company is managed by Hannes and Thomas Winkelbauer, the third generation. While Thomas Winkelbauer concentrates on the internal organisation, Hannes Winkelbauer represents the company externally. With a highly motivated team, they now manage to distribute 59 brands with 524 articles in 12 categories in the chilled, non-refrigerated and non-food sectors.

Thomas Winkelbauer

Purchase, Staff, Finances



Hannes Winkelbauer

Sales, Marketing



Company history since 1929


Winkelbauer celebrates its 90th company anniversary.



Hannes Winkelbauer hands over the sales agenda to Brigitte Reiterer and concentrates on the strategic development of the company.


1994 – 2001

The third generation gradually enters the company.


1979 – 1989

The Winkelbauer company is constantly growing and improving. Among other things, the entire domestic logistics (storage and distribution) is outsourced to an experienced forwarding agency.



Expansion of the sales force throughout Austria. The product range is greatly expanded; in addition to confectionery, high-quality food, dried fruit, snack and gift articles are now also sold.



At the beginning of the 1960s, Josef Winkelbauer junior started importing specialities and supplied the speciality shops in Vienna with selected sweets. The motto “The fruits of the world are always in season” is now complemented by “From the world of spoiled palates”.



Foundation of the Winkelbauer company by Josef Winkelbauer sen. The company is dedicated to the trade of fresh fruit and vegetables.


The Winkelbauer company is already in the 3rd generation and guarantees a long-term realization of goals.

Strong brands need
a strong team

The Winkelbauer team consists of 32 employees in total. They work in the areas of purchasing, sales, marketing, customer service, accounting, quality management and controlling.

Behind every successful company is a strong team full of different characters and personalities.

Only together as a team we can achieve our goals.

IFS Broker and Organic



Since January 2019 WINKELBAUER GmbH has been certified according to IFS BROKER.

The IFS BROKER is an internationally recognised standard for food safety and quality and guarantees that the products meet the strict requirements for hygiene, specified product properties and product safety – which is why we are very proud of it.


Besides that WINKELBAUER is also an organic certified broker adhering to the organic regulations when dealing with organic products.


Our IFS Broker certificate