3. May 2021

Winkelbauer Around The Globe with Carambar&Co

The young and ambitious company was founded in France in 2017 and is known for its delicious innovations in the confectionery sector. Since 2019 our company is working with them and focusing on the brands Benco and Suchard Express. Find out more about the company in our interview!


1. If you have to describe your brands with just one word, what would it be and why?

If I have to choose just a word, it would be “Family”. From breakfast to homemade chocolate cake baking, our products are made to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones (including something just yourself). Our consumption moments are geared towards joy and pleasure. Our goal is to be there for everyone in the family, all day long.


2. What changes has the Covid19 pandemic brought for your market?

Of course, consumer usage has changed a lot. They have spent a lot of time at home, focused on themselves and their family. Our brands have to be with them for these moments. At the beginning there was a bit of panic buying, including on some of our brand, but it was really just a phase. I think the main impact is of course for FoodService market, where all the stakeholders will have to adapt and to find the right way out of the crisis.


3. Which trend in the food sector do you see strongly emerging?

Within the chocolate powder market, we still see a strong desire for indulgence. Consumer are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and they want healthier and more environmentally friendly products. But in the meantime, they also want to have moments of self-indulgence and pleasure.


benco cacoa interview suchard express


4. Can customers be excited about new products? Can you already give some short insights?

We strive to give our consumers the best way to consume our products throughout the day. That’s why we’ve launched sticks and capsules. There are more to come, with always in mind to create moments of indulgence, answering to consumer needs anywhere, anytime. But I cannot say more for now.


5. How long have you been working with Winkelbauer together and what do you appreciate about working with Winkelbauer?

Our company was founded in 2017, and we started our collaboration with Winkelbauer in 2019 so they were with us right from the start. They are great people to work with. We really have built a smooth, trusting and efficient collaboration from day one. They share our passion for our products, and are very dedicated to growing our brands, and to help us every step of the way.


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