Hummus and Oriental Specialities

Our passion: Hummus and Oriental Specialties


The Deli Dip brand was founded to combine convenience food and a balanced diet – with authentic recipes. The core is formed by hummus with chickpeas and sesame as a natural “superfood” in various exciting variations. The success of Deli Dip Hummus is repeatetly confirmed – Deli Dip is market leader! -> Deli Dip ist Marktführer (NielsenIQ Retail Measurement Service, plant based spreads, Hummus exclusive private label, MAT KW 28/22, Umsatz, LH inkl. H/L (Copyright © 2022, NielsenIQ))

The range is constantly being expanded with complementary products, and since 2020, at the request of consumers, it has even been represented with its own assortment on the ethno shelf – from pita bread to tahini to an authentic shakshuka.


In the background there is a three-person, experienced and active team. Their principles are quality, authenticity, clarity, flexibility, care and innovation.  Deli Dip – a passion that can be tasted in every product.