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6. Juli 2022

Ziegler Cheese snacks

From June 2022 onwards Winkelbauer has a new member in his brand portfolio. Zielger cheese snack is a traditional snack by nature fit for the future. The cross cheese waffle of Ziegler are a traditional speciality produced by the original recipy by almst 70 years in Budapest/Hungary.  Why is it fit for today and tomorrow: low fat content, higher protein content, clean label, local origin…. what more do you want.

The Winkelbauer team is enlightened by the brand. Ziegler fits very well in our portfolio and completes within the snack caegory as well as in bakery or even the fresh assortment. The connection between tradition, long working but with the sight for the future anyway belongs into our company philosophy. Agnes Ziegler, the general manager of Ziegler we found a comonly thinking partner having joy to increase the business sucessfully.

We start with Ziegler cheese waffers 200g original and garlic. other variants will follow within this year.

You want to know more about samples, prices, varients? Just let us know at Winkelbauer.

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