Crunchy Shiitake Mushroom Chips

The Snack Revolution of the Year


Other Foods Mushroom snacks are the latest discovery in the field of savory snacks, they satisfy any snack hunger without a guilty conscience: Less than 100 calories per serving, free of artificial colors or preservatives and made from a protein-rich, healthy ingredient – Shiitake mushrooms


The Japanese term umami describes a taste apart from the usual four flavours: sweet, salty, sour and bitter. The taste quality is described as hearty and intense.  No wonder that this is a very important and popular product property, especially for savory snacks. Umami is particularly common in protein-rich foods – a young company in the UK took advantage of this knowledge and launched a delicious mushroom snack made from Shiitake mushrooms – originally known from Japan and China and for its use in far eastern medicine.



What´s  inside?


Shiitake mushrooms, certified & sustainable palm oil, vegan maltose and a little Himalayan salt.

This snack is therefore VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE & LACTOSE-FREE!



How do the mushrooms get so crispy?


It’s almost a science in itself … First the mushrooms are vacuum dried and then vacuum cooked at a low temperature.