Top Products in the Bread Industry

High Quality Wholemeal Bread Products


The Delba company was founded in 1983 and has developed into one of the leading bakeries on the wholemeal bread market. The hearty whole grain and pumpernickel products from Delba are made from whole grain according to old recipes. The gentle baking process in production is particularly important so that the valuable ingredients are retained.

The wholegrain breads in the innovative 500g pack can be kept for six months in consistently high quality and freshness thanks to the resealable and recyclable freshness box. With the products of wholegrain, sunflower, four-grain, pumpernickel and linseed bread, the taste of nutrition and quality-conscious people is exactly what they are looking for. Delba products have been awarded the DLG gold award several times for special quality and are therefore among the top products of the German bread industry.