PREMIUM Olive Oil and Olives Direct from Greece

Gaea as a Philosophy of Life

In ancient Greek mythology, Gaea stood for mother earth, a symbol of fertility and the goddess of our planet earth. As a result, we want to bring the benefits of the Greek-Mediterranean diet closer to the world by combining exquisite Greek olive oil-based products with our love of tradition and simplicity. Gaea is much more than elegant, high-quality packaging, healthy food or selected ingredients. Gaea is a real philosophy of life which is essentially based on a deep reverence for nature.

We have always focused on sustainable agriculture. Large areas and yields are not as important to us as sustainability and quality. We invest heavily in research and in the use of modern technology, but we never stray too far from old, venerable practices. This is the only way we can produce premium olive oil and olives.

  • Positive workplace management
  • Responsible interaction in the market
  • Sustainable financial growth
  • Responsibility in all business dealings
  • Responsible use of the environment
  • Charitable commitment